5 Abs-Destroying Foods



Core muscles stabilize and balance your body and preserve your spine and organs, although they are typically thought of as cosmetic.


Oh, beer, wine, margaritas! Even low-sugar seltzers may hide your abs. Alcohol affects leanness in several ways.

Deli Meats

Look for lower-sodium deli meat or uncured meats such freshly grilled chicken or baked turkey breast to minimize sodium.

Sweetened Cereal

Sugary cereal, whether with milk for a quick breakfast, yogurt for a parfait, or nuts for a trail mix, may be ruining your abs.

Granola Bars

 Granola bars are high in sugar, lacking in fiber and protein, and unfilling.

Sweetened Coffee

A basic cup of coffee won't hinder ab ambitions. Coffee's caffeine may help burn fat.

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