5 Disobedient Dog Breeds You Can Own


Disobedient Dog Breeds

Owners should love and train all dogs, particularly young ones. However, certain breeds are more obstinate about obeying. They may be more resistant to instruction owing to their intellect, independence, and mischief.


Akitas were originally sent to defend Japanese aristocracy but later employed to hunt wild wildlife. Affectionate puppies, their protecting instincts make them suspicious of outsiders.

Lakeland Terrier

The Lakeland terrier, like other terriers, is brave and lively and requires plenty of exercise and care. Intelligent dogs become bored with repetition, so keep training sessions brief.

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Lhasa Apso

Although they appear like cute lap dogs, Lhasa apsos are one of the strongest and most stubborn little dog breeds. Their independence and stubbornness may need expert training to teach them obedience.

Bull Terrier

Friendly, enthusiastic bull terriers are sometimes likened to children for their mischief. They are headstrong dogs who push the limits throughout training to see how far they can go.

Grand Pyrenees

These majestic canines were developed to protect livestock on icy mountaintops from predators. Today, they are respected as calm, attentive watchdogs.