Top 5 Health Risks of Drinking Too Much Green Tea


Green tea is among the healthiest and safest drinks. Green tea drinkers need still remember a few things. Many uncommon side effects exist. Most of these negative effects affect caffeine and tannin sensitive people.

Green tea

Caffeine Content:

Green tea has less caffeine than coffee. Caffeine may cause anxiety, sleeplessness, fast heart rate, digestive difficulties, and high blood pressure.

Iron Absorption:

Polyphenols in green tea impede the body's absorption of non-heme iron (present in plant-based meals). Drinking green tea with meals, particularly iron-rich ones, may limit iron absorption.

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Stomach Issues:

Green tea may cause stomach pain, acid reflux, or irritation, particularly on an empty stomach. High caffeine levels and gastric acid might worsen this.

Fluoride Overload Risk:

Green tea leaves from specific places may collect excessive fluoride levels. Fluoride overdose may cause dental or skeletal fluorosis, which discolors and weakens teeth and bones

Drug Interactions:

Green tea may interact with drugs. It may impair beta-blocker, blood thinner, and antipsychotic absorption. Consult your doctor before drinking green tea frequently if you take prescriptions.