5 Morning Habits for Happier day


Simple morning practices may have a big impact on how people feel all day. These simple changes may boost mental health. Consider these five strategies:


Pick a wellness habit

You may need to meditate to gain awareness. (One tip: Close your eyes and concentrate on taking 10 breaths.) Or you may be interested by data showing that everyday exercise boosts happiness.

Remove your phone from your room

When you check your phone, tablet, computer, or TV first thing in the morning, you let the outside world to control your mood.

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Talk to yourself

If you have a major business presentation and spend the morning telling yourself you'll fail, you may make yourself scared.

And someone else

Make a social contact with somebody you respect. This might be a spouse, kid, friend, or extended family member.

Be thankful

There are several morning rituals that may enhance happiness, but researchers and physicians keep returning to thankfulness because it's so potent.