5 weight-loss-friendly vegetables


Weight management is essential for health. A good diet and exercise are needed to maintain weight. Here are some weight-loss veggies.

Spinach is considered one of the healthiest food options. The vegetable helps in improving eyesight and regulating blood sugar. Its other benefit is that it helps with weight loss.

Broccoli consists of a plant compound called carotenoids, it stimulates the burning of fat, helping with weight loss. It has vitamins K and C and contains fibre.

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A cabbage is filled with nutrients like vitamins A and B, zinc, iron, phosphorous, magnesium and calcium. It is a good source of fibre as well. It is a low-calorie vegetable, very good for weight loss.

Cauliflower provides magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamins C, K, and B6. Fiber and water are abundant in it. It regulates hunger by filling you up. It aids digestion and weight reduction.

Bell peppers include B6, K1, C, E, A, potassium, and folate. It contains antioxidants capsanthin, lutein, quercetin, and luteolin. Capsaicin boosts metabolism and aids weight reduction. It also boosts fat burning.