5 quick hacks to dry your nail polish


The wait is considerable since your nail paint must dry before you can move your fingers. The wait time for a new manicure is one of the major concerns.

Dip it in ice: On those days when you don’t have your hairdryer at hand, a quick dip in a bowl of ice water can work just as well.

Grease your nails: Baby oil, olive oil, or other cooking oil will dry nail polish quicker. Just a few drops on newly painted nails and let it sit.

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Using essential oils: Your favorite essential oils also lubricate. Fill a small dish with your favorite scent and dip your nails in for a minute to speed up drying.

Reach for hairspray: After painting your nails, apply a hairspray from eight inches away to avoid ruining the paint work. Wash your hands and you're done.

Blow out your nails using your hairdryer if you're on the fence about buying a nail drier. It dries nail polish quicker than air.