5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts


Cashew Nut Nutrition

Most individuals avoid eating cashews regularly. Because cashews are high in calories. Cashew nuts have 553 calories per 100 g, more than pistas and almonds.


These nuts include important lipids that promote artery function and reduce oxidative stress. Cashew nuts contain phytosterols, which reduce LDL and raise HDL.


Cashew nuts include calories and bone-healthy elements including calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The minimal salt level makes it a healthy choice for strong bones.

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Lowers Diabetes Risk

Yes! Cashew nuts reduce blood glucose and diabetes risk in diabetics and at-risk individuals. Its high MUFA content inhibits blood glucose release.

Improves Brain Function

A primary source of brain energy is glucose. Since the organ is mainly fat, it needs fatty acids from the food to remain active and perform effectively. Cashew nuts include several nutritional components that boost cognition.

Lowers Gallstone Risk

Numerous studies have shown that cashews and other nuts reduce gallstone risk. The gallbladder stores liver-produced bile acids. Fat digestion relies on these acids. Cashew nuts reduce gallstone risk by 30% when eaten daily.