5 Tricks for Making Your Wine Last Longer Once It's Opened


Unopened bottle of wine

Unopened wine lasts years and improves with age. However, opening the bottle severely shortens this alcoholic beverage's lifetime.

Refrigerate it

Your own chilly, dark wine cellar to store your favorite bottles would be ideal. As most people can't access it, your refrigerator is the next best thing.

Wrap sparkling wine with plastic

The following tip won't be spectacular, but it will offer you more time with your wine. Use plastic wrap sealed with a rubber band for sparkling bottles since the cork won't go back in.

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Put remaining wine in a smaller bottle

Experts recommend moving leftover wine to a smaller bottle or container if you consume little. By reducing wine's oxygen exposure, you can halt degeneration.

Buy a wine pump

Using a wine pump to remove extra oxygen from the bottle if you don't want to transfer it. "A wine pump is greatest tip for preserving wine.

Purchase a champagne cork

For joyous champagne moments, a champagne stopper may be useful. Champagne cannot be refilled once the cork has popped.