5 Unexpected Almond Hair and Skin Benefits!



The same soaked and peeled almonds our mothers and grandmothers give us every morning are the key to good hair and skin.


We've all heard of superfoods, and they're worth the hype! Almonds are a superfood powerhouse with antioxidants, protein, magnesium, copper, calcium, and healthy fats.

Hair moisturizes

Almonds' fatty acids improve virgin and treated hair's tensile strength and texture. Even famous dermatologists recommend almonds as a snack to boost shine and strengthen roots.

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Hair Health

Did we tell you that magnesium in meals directly affects hair health? Here come almonds! Almond oil, rich in magnesium, may help hair loss.

Frizz Warrior

Frizz has spoiled so many of our plans and yet we haven’t been able to figure out one solid solution to this bummer of a problem!

Super Ingredient for Skin

Almond oil on the face reduces wrinkles and photo-aging. Results? Reduced pigmentation and sun spots. It also moisturizes and exfoliates very dry skin.