6 Eye-Care Habits for Better Vision


Eyesight is our most significant sense since it controls perception. However, few know that the eyes are among the first sense organs to deteriorate as we age.

Better vision

Regular checkups

Maintaining excellent eyesight requires regular eye exams to prevent or identify disorders and prevent vision loss.

Know eye illnesses

Knowing eye illnesses may help you and your carers manage them. Awareness is vital to protecting vision, whether from external harm or underlying conditions.

Wear sunglasses

Macula degeneration causes blurriness and blindness. Sunglasses are essential since UV radiation from the sun accelerate this process.

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Break from screen time

Overusing computers, TVs, and phones may strain and dry your eyes, compromising eyesight.

Monitoring blood pressure and glucose

Diabetics must monitor glucose levels to prevent or treat DR. High glucose levels may induce DR-related blindness, whereas high blood pressure can harm the heart and eyes.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Regular exercise and adequate sleep as well as eliminating vices such as smoking and alcohol use.