The Mediterranean diet is a healthy and delicious way to boost your metabolism and energy.

It emphasizes whole, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.

It also includes healthy fats like olive oil and nuts, and limits processed and sugary foods.

Here's a 7-day meal plan to get you started on the Mediterranean diet.

Day 1: Breakfast - Greek yogurt with berries and honey; Lunch - Mediterranean salad with grilled chicken; Dinner - Baked salmon with roasted vegetables.

Day 2: Breakfast - Whole grain toast with avocado and tomato; Lunch - Hummus and vegetable wrap; Dinner - Grilled chicken with quinoa and roasted vegetables.

Day 3: Breakfast - Oatmeal with nuts and fruit; Lunch - Greek salad with grilled shrimp; Dinner - Whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and grilled vegetables.

Day 4: Breakfast: spinach, banana, banana-almond milk smoothie; Lunch: tuna salad with whole grain crackers; Dinner: grilled steak with roasted sweet potatoes and green beans.

Day 5: Breakfast: scrambled eggs with veggies and whole grain toast; Lunch: lentil soup with whole grain bread; Dinner: grilled salmon with quinoa and roasted vegetables.

Day 6: Breakfast - Greek yogurt with granola and fruit; Lunch - Chicken and vegetable stir-fry with brown rice; Dinner - Baked chicken with roasted vegetables.

Day 7: Breakfast - Whole grain pancakes with fruit and nuts; Lunch - Mediterranean wrap with hummus and vegetables; Dinner - Grilled shrimp with quinoa and roasted vegetables.




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