6 Methods for Flattening Your Stomach in 14 Days



Working toward a smooth stomach means becoming a much healthier individual. Beyond aesthetics, preserving a healthy midsection can aid in the prevention of a variety of health issues.

Bitter leafy greens start each meal.

Start each meal with bitter greens.They're low in calories, satisfy hunger, and fill you up with fiber.

Adjust your sweet craving.

 Instead of chocolate chip cookies and sugary pastries, indulge your sweet desire with fresh fruit.

Zip your abs

 This can significantly improve your flat belly attempts. The Nutrition Twins recommend clenching your core and drawing your abs inside and back into your spine when you breathe out.

Cup green tea.

Another easy approach to flatten your tummy in 14 days is to drink green tea all day.

Red fruits and veggies are better.

Colorful fruits and vegetables on your plate are healthier, as you may have heard.

Think about healthful fats.

Healthy fats contain monounsaturated fats, which improve weight reduction and reduce inflammation.

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