6 Worst Drinks for Brain Health


How do beverages affect brain health?

As a dementia prevention approach, watch what you eat and drink, exercise frequently, avoid cigarettes, and maintain a healthy weight. Drinking greatly affects brain, body, and general health.

Sugary Beverages

Nearly half of people consume sugar-sweetened beverages including soda, fruit-flavored drinks, sports drinks, horchata, and others daily.


Many love milkshakes, but the sugar and saturated fat harm your brain. Full-fat dairy, fatty meats, butter, coconut, and palm oils include saturated fat, which raises LDL cholesterol.

Specialty Coffee Drinks

Specialty coffee beverages from your local café may include startling amounts of sugar and saturated fat.

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Energy Drinks with Caffeine

Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, and other caffeinated energy drinks were created for extreme sports and college students, but their high sugar content makes them bad for brain health.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks can be detrimental to your brain health, especially to your brain's grey matter.

Recovery Drinks

Recovery beverages, like sports drinks, target serious athletes. They are formulated with a 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio to increase fluid, carb, and protein replenishment.