7 Easy Ways To Drink More Water & Stay Hydrated


Healthy hydration

Maintaining hydration throughout the day will enhance your health. Since summer is coming, now is the time to make hydration a healthy habit.

Why is hydration crucial?

Your body is 50–70% water and needs it to operate.  Madequate hydration is important for many reasons. Hydration may reduce brain fog, cleanse toxins, and help individuals lose weight.

Eat hydrating foods

Remember that cucumbers and melons are mainly water. Thus, nibbling on these items may help individuals stay hydrated .

Set self-alarms

Set an alert to go off on your phone every hour. Some clients write 'time to drink' in their calendars on the hour."

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Buy a big reuseable water bottle

A 40-ounce water bottle can also help you drink more. It may sound easy, but purchasing a water bottle with a straw or using reusable straws in cups may make consuming water simpler.

Prepare water overnight and have it all day

Fill a water bottle at night and refrigerate. To avoid the excuse that you have 'no time' to fill a water bottle during the morning rush, have a beverage on hand.

Try flavoured water

Lean on infused water if you need flavor. A dab of 100% fruit juice added to plain water may provide flavor, particularly for individuals who don't like plain H2O.

Choose H2O over other drinks

Others can hydrate your body, but a big glass of water is best. "Instead of sugary sodas or large Venti cups of fancy coffee, drink calorie-free water or sparkling water.

Listen to your body

Sometimes the obvious option works best. Reacting to your body's signals is one of the best ways to keep hydrated. Drink when thirsty.