7 longevity-boosting Blue Zones foods to buy


Healthy eating

Most of the world's longest-lived individuals eat a primarily whole-foods, plant-based diet with loads of carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fiber.

Health food olive oil is famous for a reason

Olive oil works well in salads, sauces, and cooked vegetables. Wherever it appears in a meal, it contains unsaturated fatty acids, which may decrease cholesterol, and antioxidants that lessen the risk of many illnesses.

Herbs enhance micronutrients

A key feature of Blue Zones cuisine is making plant-based meals enjoyable using creative spices and herbs. These plant-based nutrients provide disease-fighting antioxidants.

More healthful sweets are made using honey

Too much sugar is unhealthy. It's a prominent element in ultra-processed foods, which increase cancer, heart disease, and other risks.

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Nuts provide protein, fiber, and healthful fat.

They provide important minerals, unsaturated fats, and plant-based protein. For gut and metabolism health, nuts and seeds are abundant in fiber.

Beans are modest superfoods.

Cheap, adaptable, and full of complex carbs and fiber, beans may anchor a meal to keep you full and give balanced energy.

Starchy fruits and veggies provide complex carbs

Blue Zones cookery emphasizes leafy greens, although many cultures also use carb-rich foods like potatoes and squash.

Moderate wine consumption may be heart-healthy

Wine's health advantages depend on how much you drink, since research suggests that alcohol's harmful side effects increase with consumption.