Gentle giants: 6 big dog breeds that make great family pets


These large dog breeds are great family companions. They are kind and compassionate with youngsters and react well to positive reinforcement. Any of these dogs may be your child's best buddy with love and care.

Large dogs

Great Danes

Great Dane dogs are known for being the largest dog breed in existence — but they’re also one of the sweetest. Though they’ll happily watch over their homes.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a long history as a lovable family pet despite pit bull misconceptions. People called these canines “nanny dogs” for their playful, protective disposition toward youngsters.

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Bernese mountain

This attractive breed has unique fur coloration, but don't be fooled by its large size. Bernese mountain dogs are one of the most sensitive.

German shepherds

German shepherds are tough-looking, yet with training, they can be kind and friendly like any other breed. Their vitality makes them terrific friends for older children or aspiring sports.


These dogs have plenty of hair to groom, but they also have lots of affection. Your Newfie's regular grooming may teach your youngster responsibility.


Leonbergers weigh up to 170 pounds yet love spending time with their families. Genuine love bugs! Though their remarkable size helps, these sensitive canines are recognized for their gentleness and loyalty.