Healthy living: 5 health benefits of avoiding tea daily


Drinking less tea

Drinking less tea or even stopping the tea-drinking habit can help reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, and reduce headaches, among other benefits.

Caffeine dependency reduced:

Many teas, notably black and green, contain caffeine. Caffeine may increase alertness and concentrate, but too much can cause dependence and impair sleep.

Better Hydration:

Increased tea drinking, particularly caffeinated types, may cause diuretic effects and fluid loss.

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Reduced Stomach Discomfort:

Tea may cause digestive troubles including acid reflux or stomach pain in some people. Tea restriction may lessen these symptoms and enhance digestive comfort.

Less Teeth Staining:

Over time, black tea may discolor teeth. Tea drinking may discolor teeth, therefore reducing it may brighten your smile.

Nutrient Variety:

Tea includes antioxidants and health-promoting components, but drinking just tea means losing out on the nutritional advantages of water, herbal infusions, and fresh fruit juices.