How Much Water Should You Drink Per Your Body Weight for Weight Loss?


Look around yourself and you would see several people trying to lose weight. Almost everyone is trying to lose weight and be in shape.

Weight loss is hard, thus everyone wants to know how to lose weight quickly. Water is a household beverage that may help you lose weight effortlessly, unlike other diets and activities.

Drinking enough water daily might help you lose weight. Water helps your body accomplish other activities, thus drinking it is crucial. How water aids weight reduction.

When you don’t drink enough water, your body can’t metabolise the stored carbs and fats and therefore, your body can’t burn them.

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Cold water boosts metabolism, aiding weight reduction. To heat water, your body must work harder, burning calories.

Drinking enough water reduces hunger. Since water is calorie-free, drinking it before meals aids weight reduction.

Water intake varies on weight. Water intake varies with weight. Calculate your weight-loss water intake here.

First, weigh yourself. A 55-kg individual needs less water than an 80-kg one. By multiplying by ⅔ or 67%. Divide 60 kg by 30 and drink 2 litres of water.

When you exercise, you drink more water. For every 30 minutes of exercise, drink 350 ml of water.