Is drinking milk before bed healthy?


Milk is commonly recommended for children's health. It contains calcium and vitamin D, which are needed for healthy bones and illness prevention.

Milk might disrupt the body's nighttime detoxification. Consuming this before night may impede liver function.

Drinking cold milk before sleeping is not recommended, as it may be less tolerable for some individuals.

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Some nutritionists argue that milk consumption at night can disrupt digestion, especially if you already have an unsettled stomach or difficulties digesting food.

Milk before night may cause weight gain. A glass of milk has 120 calories, which may not be burnt during sleeping, causing weight gain.

Milk has many health advantages, but consuming it before night may cause sleep difficulties, gastrointestinal troubles, and weight gain.

It's essential to consider individual preferences and tolerances when deciding whether to include milk in your nighttime routine.