Key to good sleep: 7 foods to avoid at night


Eating the incorrect things before bed might cause insomnia. Avoid these meals and drinks before night to sleep well:

Coffee, tea, energy drinks, and sodas contain caffeine. Try to avoid caffeine for many hours before night since it keeps you awake.

Alcohol: Alcohol might make you sleepy, but it can also interrupt your sleep pattern, causing nighttime awakenings. Alcohol should be limited, particularly at night.

Spicy meals may create heartburn and indigestion, making it hard to fall and stay asleep. Avoid spicy meals before night.

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A slow digestion may cause indigestion and discomfort with high-fat foods. This might make it hard to relax and sleep.

Heavy Meals: Eating substantial meals close to night might cause indigestion and make it difficult to fall asleep. Try to complete your last meal two to three hours before bed.

Sugary meals and beverages may cause blood sugar spikes and falls, keeping you awake at night. Avoid nighttime sugary foods and sweets.

Foods with High Water Content: Watermelon and cucumber might cause nighttime potty breaks. Limit evening consumption of such meals.