Lose belly fat: Here are 5 food items to avoid when struggling to lose weight


Reduce abdominal fat

Too much abdominal fat raises your risk of several health conditions. Therefore, proper action is needed to eliminate it. What you consume matters.

Fries and chips

French fries and chips are heavy in calories and fat. Potato chips and French fries are linked to obesity in observational studies.

White bread

White bread increases belly fat risk. Due to its high glycemic index, blood sugar levels might spike. Chemicals and highly processed flour in white bread are unhealthy.

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Candy bars

Compact candy bars include refined wheat, sugar, and oils. Candy bars are high in calories and low in nutrition. Chocolate-covered candy bars typically comprise 200–300 calories, and extra-large bars may have more.

Sugary juices

We all know that bought juice has artificial sweeteners and preservatives, but homemade juice also has sugar. Despite its health benefits, juice should be used sparingly.

Pastries and cookies

Sweets like cakes, cookies, and pastries are heavy in calories and sugar. These high-calorie foods are not satisfying, so you may feel hungry immediately after eating them.