Mental health awareness: 5 indications of severe burnout



Burnout is often characterized by tiredness, cynicism, alienation, and professional ineffectiveness and failure. But these are merely everyday burnout symptoms. There are five indicators of severe mental health burnout that may be fatal:

Constant Fatigue:

Burnout often causes continuous fatigue, even after a full night's sleep. Work and personal energies may be difficult to manage.

Poor Performance:

A drop in professional or academic performance may indicate burnout. Tasks that were formerly doable may suddenly appear overwhelming, making it hard to focus or decide.

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Increased Irritability:

Burnout increases stress, which may cause impatience and a lower tolerance for small irritations. You may snap at coworkers, friends, and family more often.

Social Isolation:

Burnout often causes a lack of interest in socializing or hobbies. You may withdraw from friends and family or lose interest in hobbies and social gatherings.

Symptoms: Physical

Physical signs of burnout include headaches, muscular strain, and digestive issues. Burnout-related stress weakens the immune system, making you worse.