Morning Diet: 7 Breakfast Foods Causing Weight Gain


Weight loss

Fitness helps our minds perform better, therefore good health is crucial to success. Keeping physically and mentally strong requires work and a healthy diet.


Yoghurt is rich in probiotic calcium. It affects your teeth and body greatly. When eaten on an empty stomach, stomach acid kills the helpful bacteria, making them ineffective.

Oily foods

Morning greasy meals might hurt your health, particularly in heat. Heavy, deep-fried meals may cause dehydration in hot temperatures.

Food rich in sugar

Avoid sugary foods in the morning. Because high-sugar meals fill your stomach with fructose, sugar entering the empty stomach makes insulin work harder.

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Citrus fruits

Avoid citrus fruits. High citric acid content makes them sour. Citrus fruits enhance gastric acid. Heartburn and other complications may arise.

Hobbies and Rest

Relax by reading, gardening, drawing, listening to music, or doing whatever else you like.

Spicy food

Avoid spicy foods in the morning. Consuming it on an empty stomach might be painful. They may damage your stomach lining, causing pain. Your stomach may upset and cause digestive issues.

Cold drinks

Although we adore cold drinks in summer. Avoid it on an empty stomach in the morning. Your body must work hard to warm up after drinking anything cold, which may burn energy.