Should You Drink Water Even When Not Thirsty?


To prevent dehydration it is important to drink sufficient quantities of water. But, is it beneficial to drink water even when you are not thirsty?

Maintaining hydration will lessen dehydration risk. The doctor says the brain receives a thirst signal from the body. This signal makes you thirsty, so you drink.

Drinking water without thirst is harmful. Forcefully consuming water will not only have no effect but may hurt your health.

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Besides dehydration, the doctor cautioned that drinking less water might cause kidney stones. Drink 3 litres of water daily if you have renal issues.

If you are dealing with kidney-stone issues, drinking water can help in flushing out kidney stones through urine. That's why, such patients are advised to drink more water.

Summer water is refreshing and may boost your vitality. You'll have greater energy for regular tasks. Water reduces headaches, constipation, and digestive issues, increasing gut health.