Surprise Reasons to Sleep More


Quality Sleep

No sleep at night might make you irritable the following day. Skimping on sleep might affect more than just your morning attitude. Regular quality sleep improves blood sugar, exercise, and more.

Smarter Brain

Sleep deprivation makes it hard to remember things. Sleep is important for learning and memory. Lack of sleep makes it hard to concentrate and learn.

Lift Your Spirit

Your brain also processes emotions while you sleep. Your mind requires time to perceive and respond properly.

Healthier Heart

Your heart and blood vessels relax when your blood pressure drops as you sleep. Blood pressure remains high longer in a 24-hour cycle with less sleep.

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Sports Achievement

Weightlifting and wrestling need short bursts of energy, thus sleep deprivation may not be as noticeable as in endurance activities like jogging, swimming, and bicycling.

Stable Blood Sugar

During deep, slow-wave sleep, blood glucose lowers. If you don't spend enough time at this deepest level, you can't reset, like leaving the volume up.

Fighting Germs

Your immune system kills dangerous germs and viruses to prevent sickness. Chronic sleep deprivation alters immune cells.

Weight Control

Well-rested people eat less. Sleep deprivation affects appetite hormones leptin and ghrelin.

Too Much Goodness?

Average sleep demands vary, however sleeping more than 9 hours a night may be harmful. Longer sleepers have higher calcium in their heart arteries and less flexible leg arteries.