The ABCs of Skincare: 5 Essentials for Healthy Skin


No amount of makeup will make you shine unless you have naturally luminous skin. Skin care is as vital as bodily care. If you don't have time for rigorous skincare, we've simplified it into 5 stages.

ABCs of Skincare

Cleanse Skin

We cannot stress enough how crucial skin cleansing is. The makeup remover also removes pollutants, grime, and oil from the skin.


It removes extra oil, pollutants, and grime that scrubbing couldn't. Dead skin is removed during exfoliations, giving the skin a natural shine.

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Cleansing and exfoliation may open pores and cause acne and other skin disorders. You need a toner with active chemicals to kill germs and regulate skin pH. It's crucial for acne-prone skin.


Deep cleansing and exfoliation dehydrate skin. Moistening the face after exfoliating is crucial. Choose a moisturiser for your skin type.

Avoid UV Rays

Even inside, our greatest organ, the skin, is exposed to sunshine. It's a myth that you don't need sunscreen indoors. UV rays may harm skin daily, inside or out. Thus, good skin begins with sunscreen.