The Best Core-Strengthening Exercises After 40



Taking the good with the bad is crucial as you age. Increasing strength and reducing fat is harder as you get older.

As early as 30, MedlinePlus says muscular tissue begins to break away. Don't let that depress you. Core workouts can maintain you strong and slim at any age.

Bird Dogs

Besides strengthening your core, this low-impact core workout has other benefits. Healthline says bird dogs relieve lower back pain and promote stability.

Russian Twist

This basic core workout targets obliques for a stronger midsection. This exercise can be done with a medicine ball, free weight, or without.

Glute Bridge

The glute bridge is a great core-building exercise. It may also elevate your butt by contouring glutes.

Forearm Plank

Despite the numerous plank variations available, the classic plank is the best exercise for building abdominal strength.

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