Using jaggery to water intake... Small habits for a healthy life


Small habits for a healthy life

Making little changes to your everyday routine may improve your health. Dig further into these techniques.

Use Jaggery Instead of Sugar

Jaggery, made from sugarcane or date palm sap, maintains minerals and nutrients lost during sugar refining.

Before meals, drink more water

Small amounts of water before meals initiate digestion. Drinking water after meals may dilute stomach acids and decrease digestion.

Vegetable Cooking with Less Oil

Oil consumption may be reduced by reducing saturated and trans fats, which raise cholesterol.

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Add Fenugreek Seed Powder

Fenugreek provides various advantages, from aiding digestion and managing blood sugar levels to potentially reducing cholesterol.

Choose Green Chilies Over Chili Powder

Green chiles provide flavor without overpowering foods. They may improve digestion and metabolism.

Eat to 80% Fullness

Mindful eating and stopping before fullness offer your digestive system room to metabolize food.

Meaningful Life Changes

Every choice may make you healthier and more lively, showing that even little changes can have big effects.