What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Lemon Water


Lemon water

Lemon water is a morning ritual with high expectations. This trendy beverage fad is here to stay, from helping you lose weight to making your skin gleam like a spa.

It can keep you hydrated.

Dehydration affects 75% of Americans. Not drinking enough water may cause constipation, dizziness, and other symptoms. One of the greatest strategies to fight dehydration is to drink lemon water.

It may aid weight loss.

Lemon water isn't a weight reduction miracle, but staying hydrated may help. The body needs water to break down fat.

It might boost your mood.

Some say dehydration lowers mood. Lemon water instead of water may encourage fluid intake. Some research links cellular dehydration to mood decline.

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Lemon water may boost immunity.

Want to increase vitamin C during cold and flu season? One lemon juice has 18 mg vitamin C. Depending on gender and age, humans require 75–130 mg of this vitamin.

May aggravate reflux problems.

Lemons naturally have a pH of 2–3. Acidic foods induce heartburn and irritate Silent Reflux patients' throats.

May cause tooth erosion.

Any acidic beverage like lemon water will wear away tooth enamel over time.

It might promote cardiovascular health.

If you add garlic to your lemon water, your blood pressure and cholesterol may improve.

It may reduce kidney stone risk.

Citrate, a citric acid salt, binds calcium to prevent kidney stones. Natural dietary citrate comes from citrus fruits and drinks.